Articles in English

It’s about something I wrote during TOEFL Writing practice or about something I’m interested in. If you’re interested, try reading them! I’m not good at English though m(__)m


1, Is there no problem learning English in the Philippines even they have a Philippines accent?

2, The difference between acquiring a mother language and learning a foreign language

3, Crazy English Education in Korea

4, English Education in Finland and Korea

5, The problem of English Education in Korea

6, My dream when I was 18

7, the Critical Period Hypothesis

8, Quantitative Expansion and Immersion of English Education in Korea

9, The reality of English education in Japan

10, Does information create value or problems?

11, Deforestation and Development

12, What is a community, and what should a community be?

13, The truth of the global warning

14, Nuclear energy saves the earth

15, The war and peace

16, What is Propaganda, and how does it influence our lives?

17, How to instigate and control people by propaganda

18, Cognitive dissonance is a rudimental way to instigate and control the public

19, The most powerful propaganda to manipulate people

20, A weapon that enforces the effect of the most powerful propaganda

21, What Is Logical Thinking

22, About a language acquirement and English Education problems Korea has

23, My dream and Personal Education

24, Making the punishment fit the crime

25, OPIc Q&A 1~25

26, OPIc Q&A 26~50

27, OPIc Q&A 51~75

28, OPIc Q&A 76~100

29, OPIc Q&A 101~125

30, OPIc Role Playing 1~25

31, OPIc Role Playing 26~50

32, OPIc Role Playing 51~75



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