What is a community, and what should a community be?

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 Community is a human composition that shares an internal connection and interacts with people who have a similar identity and common values in a specific group. There are many forms of communities such as family-community, school-community, social-community, and national-community.

 The definition of a community depends on scholars. For instance, according to Ferdinand Tönnies, a German sociologist, economist, and philosopher, defines a community by two concepts.
First, Gemeinschaft. It means overall community relating to linage, place, or mental aspects.
Second, Gesellschaft. It means the pursuit of man-made understanding and benefit-object society.

 Besides, Philip Warren Anderso, an American theoretical physicist and Nobel laureate, held that an ethnic group is an imaginative community and stated it is essential to have a relation-group for human-being.

 To explain the significance and the role of a community, there three core elements you should know.
First, sympathy for people. It guarantees compassion, responsibility, and individual freedom and rights for a community.  Second, interaction with people. It fosters us to have thoughtfulness for the weak and to contribute to being happy for an individual. Third, A sense of solidarity for a community. It means the education that makes an individual fulfill his/her responsibility for dignity, liberty, and respect for a community.

 The rule of the community for global issues is finding and comprehending the underlying problems and replacement solutions. In the process, the significance of a community is emphasized.

 The reason why a community is essential is that human-being is social-creature. We pursue happiness, but we never attain it by ownself. Therefore, we need to cooperate with others and have “a good character and humanity” such as sympathy, morality, sociality, respect, and such skills and knowledge to realize an ideal society and own desire. To achieve this, it is paramount for countries to nurture global leaders, have international perspectives for the world, and cooperate and sympathize with others.

 A global leader is significantly important because a country is composed of an individual. If the individual could be a global leader, they would create a good community where we can be happy. To be such a global leader, it is desirable to have a global citizen viewpoint and acquire community spirit through action.

 Community spirit means that living together makes life better. There are three premises for this notion. First, others are as important as an individual. Second, devotion and volunteer service through a family make an individual find out a happy life. Third, an individual considers sacrifice and contribution to a community through a family.
 To realize this, an individual should practice three things. First, an individual should comprehend a community. Second, an individual should have a spirit for a community to yield a profit. Third, an individual should have an idea of where a community should orient for.

 The concept of sharing and considering is primary factors to have community spirit. A community lacking such a spirit generates indifference that blocks interaction with others with sympathy, respect, and mutual understanding. Therefore, it is desirable to have an interest in others and take specific action for others, such as saying hello, having courtesy and manners for neighborhoods.

 According to research on happiness from Harvard University, connecting a positive relationship with others make people feel happy. An individual seeks happiness and wants to be usually. Hence, it is necessary to form a good community where contributes to making community spirit that brings about happiness. Accordingly, we should endeavor to have community spirit by changing our attitude and behavior to realize a good community where produces pleasure and not forget the meaning of sympathy, respect, and understanding.

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