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As this is the introduction about myself, I want to enunciate the detailed language acquirement. There are myriad tips for language acquirement. However, the crux of the common points is that Positive mental states are an essential factor for language acquiring because we tend to do something we feel fun. On the other side, negative emotion discourages learning a language, and it is even possible to cause stress and mental agony.

This makes sense and can be supported by much research. According to the research of Kelly McGonigal who is health psychologist and neuroscientist at Stanford University, negative thinking about stress (conceptions) can lead to heart disease and lower immunity, so by changing and accepting our mindset and belief about stress from negative to positive, more, we can be healthier and reduce risk of death. In addition to this, Social interaction, consideration, action to help others, and finding pleasure and meaning in the process can promote oxytocin secretion and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Besides, Robert Waldinger, a psychiatrist and a psychoanalyst at Harvard Medical School, states that they realized from 75 years of research that good relationships make us healthy and happy. From that, there are three major lessons about relationships: Connecting really goods for your health. What is really important is the quality of your relationship with people who are close to you.

Good relationships protect the brain as well as physical health. It is not only for language, but it is also important to be in a positive mental state to learn anything. What I feel in Korea is that Korean people try to study English as a skill to enter a school or a company.

When I asked a question to some of my friends, “Have you ever felt fun or exciting when you learned English.” Then, 90% of them answered they feel boring and even agony. I really feel it is deplorable because learning a foreign language should be a fun and creative activity. So, I have been trying to teach Korean, and my students learning a foreign language are supposed to be fun.

What is more, I scrutinized what makes Korean students feel like that and found out this is because of Korea’s education system. Education in European countries focuses on verbal communication and the way of expression highly. These countries hold a common value that the most important things are individual uniqueness and the contents. On the other hand, Education in Korea emphasizes English as a skill to enter a school or a company.

In addition to this, the evaluation way and private school system aggravate the problem. Children and parents in Korea tend to pay too much attention to grades to enter a better school or a company. Parents try to enter their children into private schools to supplement children’s ability that the public or private schools could not cover. According to Statistica, Over 80 percent of elementary students received private education in 2019, with an average participation rate of almost 75 percent across primary and secondary education.

To reform the system, it is indispensable to transform the evaluation criterion so that every student and the parent can get satisfactory grades only by attending a public or private class.


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