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 I want to ask you a question. How do you define your happiness? I think everyone will have different ideas. The definition of happiness is complex. Then how about this question? Why do we pursue happiness? We don’t clearly define the concept of happiness, but we’re trying to realize that vague notion.

 I want to be happy, too. So, I thought about how people can be satisfied. In conclusion, it’s not about pursuing happiness but rather trying our best to avoid unhappiness, allowing us to achieve satisfaction. This means we must eliminate all elements of unhappiness from the world and the critical element that brings unhappiness is inequality.

 According to the 2016 World Happiness Report, the difference between a happy country and an unhappy country is inequality. The report states that “people in countries with less inequality feel more happiness” and suggests an example for people to become happy.

 Does the word “inequality” leave a good impression? It doesn’t sound good. Because there’s a background history that gives the word its meaning, history shows that inequality has existed in the past, including gender, race, differentialism, age, and social class. We still see its tendency in modern society today. The cause of these issues on inequality addressed in education is mainly said to be because of ideology and religion, or Dodge. However, this only covers the outer side and is judging the issue in an objective manner. It misses the main focus on the essence of the inner world. What causes inequality? It’s not about money. It’s not about territory. It’s not about religion. It’s because it lacks the maturity of character that a person must have.

 Many people with good characteristics have been born in this world. One example is Mother Teresa. She dedicated her entire life to saving humanity. Isn’t she considered a model character because she gave love to people and treated them equally instead of seeking wealth, money, or power?

 Is it not true that people are moved by such actions and become inspired to achieve happiness too. Wouldn’t all of humanity be happy if people of such character overflowed in this world?

 Seeing people of such character made me dream where I would teach the world through character education.
 I do not yet have enough knowledge, skill, experience, or personality to give this kind of education.
That is why I will put my efforts into what I can do now at this University, will strive to become an educator who can educate people someday.

I have a dream. It’s about creating a world where every single person can be happy. One day, I want to get rid of murder from the world. 

 I would like you to keep in mind that there are people in this world who have that kind of mindset, and I would also want you to be aware that there are people here who carry that kind of future. Thank you.

 I want you to remember that there are people in this world who have that kind of mindset, and I want you to recognize that there are people here who carry the future. 


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