Deforestation and Development

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 Recently, there has been a lot of debate as to deforestation and Development. Regarding the passages, the writer puts forth the idea that deforestation could provide benefits for people. In the listening, the lecturer is quick to point out some flaws in the writer’s claims. The professor believes despite there being short-term benefits, continuing to cut down trees could have repercussions for the future. He addresses, in detail, the trouble with each point made in the reading text.

 First and foremost, the reading states that clearing up a plenty area of land would create extensive farmland. Some professionals in the same fields, however, stand in firm opposition to this claim. In the listening, a professor states how there are alternative ways, such as hydroponics, to make a farm that does not need a large area. He goes on to say that human technology should not be applied to destroy trees and regions but to preserve them.

 One group of scholars, represented by writers, think that displaced areas could be used for the development of the new regions and make a financial cycle in the local sites when investors purchased the areas and employ the locals to construct new houses or buildings. Of course, though, not all experts in this field believe this is accurate. Here, the speaker specifically addresses this point when he states how deforestation would take the homes of a diversity of animals, insects, and plants. Moreover, since 28% of oxygen is released by the rainforest, we must be careful and take responsibility for the action.

 Finally, the author wraps his argument by positing that some countries, for example, Brazil and Indonesia rely on the forestry industry as means of national economics, and this benefits nations. Not surprisingly, the lecturer takes issue with this claim by contending that the workers in the industry receive low pay while the owners of these works have a higher pay grade.

 To sum up, both the writer and professor hold conflicting views about cutting down forests and development. It is clear that they will have trouble finding common ground on this issue.


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