A weapon that enforces the effect of the most powerful propaganda

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 Please see What is Propaganda, and how does it influence our lives?” , “How to instigate and control people by propaganda” , “Cognitive dissonance is a rudimental way to instigate and control the public“, and “The most powerful propaganda to manipulate people” when you read this article because you can completely comprehend the notion of propaganda and this article.


A weapon that enforces the effect of the most powerful propaganda

 I concluded that IN FACT is the most powerful propaganda last time. Almost all people might have used this IN FACT propaganda once. The information comes from various mediums. IN FACT propaganda itself is strong. However, this propaganda has the potential to become stronger if it has a weapon. Let’s consider this weapon first: something happened IN FACT in abroad countries.

 This means conveying information as if foreign countries provided the information. Have you ever heard waiwai that reported from Japanese news media? Waiwai caused a problem of spreading wrong information and recognition overseas because the information was about that Japanese was a group of people who were sexually deviant and lolicon. People who do not know Japanese might have had unsuitable recognition for Japanese. This information can be confident and propagandizes people who do not know Japanese because Japanese news media disseminated it. This propaganda that uses other countries’ information has a powerful influence on people. However, this propaganda is not a weapon that strengthens the most powerful propaganda; IN FACT propaganda because an essential factor that has to be added is lacking.


An essential factor

 Let’s look at the most powerful propaganda with a clear source of where the data comes from. We do not confirm the data source when we receive information. We care about the data source when the information is suspicious. Caring is cognitive dissonance which shows the fluctuation of emotion. So, this propaganda can be useful to lose mind but, it is not an essential factor because the data source is required only when the information is doubtful for credibility. Moreover, this propaganda can not be superior because propaganda loses its effect when being suspected.

 Superior propaganda makes people receive information unconditionally. From the premise, what is an essential factor in reinforcing the most powerful propaganda?

 Propaganda that offers information secretly can be effective because an impression can be varied by changing how we communicate with others. If you master this propaganda, you might enable someone to trust you without a doubt.

 Then, How about this propaganda that a foreigner testifies in the video. This a sort of data source that makes people watch. This propaganda can increase credibility because a foreigner who we do not know comments, and the video can be edited and processed in an intentional way. On top of that, if the foreigner was an expert, a celebrity, or a politician, the impact of influence can be immense. From this logic, a person who is influential is suitable to propagandize. We receive more influence from a person than any medium, after all. Therefore, an essential factor of the most powerful propaganda is a person and who says it. This is why news media needs to invite experts to validate the information mass media broadcasts. In other words, the power of influence originates depending on who says it. Conversely, a person who is not famous does not display the power of influence.

 Repeatedly saying, the power of influence varies depending on who says it, even the content is the same. Furthermore, A person who is famous or has authority can give credibility and influence even the person says something that does not make sense or is a lie. So, if we want to propagandize someone, we must consider who should say a word.

 Then, who should say something to propagandize successfully. In other words, who can provide information without suspicion for you? It is not an expert, a foreigner, a celebrity, and the majority of people but a person or people who you think they are reliable and credible such as friends, family, relatives, teachers, etc. You do not suppose that a trustful person or people try to lie and deceive you. Therefore, we are likely to receive information unconditionally. Therefore, you have to reconsider who is on your side because we tend to receive information unconditionally from a person or people who are trusted.

 Outside, people attempt to propagandize to lead in a specific direction. However, a reliable person and people are likely to be able to achieve to propagandize easily. So, if you want to improve the success probability of propaganda, you should start to be the subject’s friend because superior propaganda starts by getting trust first. This is because we have a nature to trust a person who has a strong camaraderie or fellowship even when being suspected, the subject is not the person but the truth or error of the information.


In the end

 The success probability depends on how people think and have an impression of a subject. This is why a person who tries to propagandize makes an effort to form a particular impression. So, it is impossible to avoid being propagandized because superior propaganda never gives an opportunity to doubt itself. On top of that, Such propaganda can utilize a thought that “I never will be propagandized.” Therefore, it is better to comprehend the feature of propaganda and face a wide range of information in a premise we are propagandized.

 News media was one of the medium that we could believe in without a doubt in the past. However, another medium started to have absoluteness instead of news media. What do you think the medium that has the absolute power that we embrace and trust unconditionally and receive such an influence in this age? I will write an article about this soon.


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