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Do you know propaganda? Propaganda is a method or technique to lead someone in a specific direction in short. In other words, propaganda is a way to control or manipulate people. Propaganda is associated with governments, religion, and news media.

Adolf Hitler is counted as a person who propagandized successfully. He used propaganda for German people who were in a terrible and miserable state by inspiring people with outstanding flags, posters, costumes, and manifest that saved German people from hell. He attracted people and shouted the word “Let’s change Germany.” From the figure, German people were moved and thought he could change Germany. However, after permeating he was German’s side, he claimed this devastating state caused by Jew and communists and order German people to oppress them thoroughly.

Germanic people jumped a series of propaganda and the original purpose that German people just wanted to change to another purpose that purged Jew and communists. Germanic people started to hate them, and Adolf Hitler propagandized German people as he liked.

There are articles on how to propagandize people, in other words, to manipulate and control people. I had a desire to spread the method because I want you to understand we propagandize and are propagandized easily and to know how we are vulnerable, and to comprehend propaganda can be helpful. You can use this technique, but do not abuse this technique because it can cause harm and even war if you propaganda too much.

Read these articles in the order so that you can comprehend propaganda.


1, What is Propaganda, and how does it influence our lives?

2, How to instigate and control people by propaganda

3, Cognitive dissonance is a rudimental way to instigate and control the public

4, The most powerful propaganda to manipulate people

5, A weapon that enforces the effect of the most powerful propaganda


 Summary of the articles

 The most powerful propaganda is IN FACT propaganda and can be strengthened by adding data, the technique of speech, and the vital factor in enforcing IN FACT propaganda is that a trustful-like person conveys information.


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