Crazy English Education in Korea

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 Many parents in Korea provided excessive education to their children, but I did not know the degree. It was beyond my thought. 

 Excessive early education rather adversely affects children’s brains, and as a result, brain development is hindered, and the stress causes problems in school adaptation. It seems like extreme early education never produces a positive effect on children.

 Since parents have the most influence in educating their children, I want to educate children based on their development stage. For instance, I interact with children through communication and physical activities rather than extreme education and prepare learning environments only when children want to study.

 The biggest problem is that almost of parents in Korea do not apprehend the repercussion of extreme early education and the system that creates excessive early education that causes a vicious cycle. the system is as follows.

1, Korean society’s trend to learn early.

2,Parents feel uneasy about their children’s future by comparing with other children and start extreme early education that causes stresses to children’s brain growth.

3, Children fall in academic interest and will be neglect to learning.

4, Children face problems with adapting to school.

5, Parents compare their children with other children and feel anxiety

6, Parents try to let their children study harder.


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