No.5 Common reasons why successes can achieve something

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Hello, everyone.

I’m Chani who started to realize the goodness of Japanese food! Until now, I have avoided Japanese food by antagonizing them because it looks pretty but tastes is light and the price is expensive, but when I tasted it, I realized that the taste was suppressed but the deep taste was not erased. ( · ́-·`)! Japanese food is better than I thought. OK then let’s move on to today’s topic!

Do you have a goal or purpose? Not as a whole, as an individual. I’m sure some of you are working hard every day to achieve that goal or purpose, but aren’t you often frustrated while you’re doing it, or are strangely satisfied with the process even though you have not achieved half of it?

If you look at this article, you can see the goal more clearly, and know the know-how to achieve the goal, the reason why you get frustrated in the middle, and the psychology!

Then we are going to study English from TED which the title is 「Keep your goals to yourself 」by Derek Sivers presentation.

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Common reasons why successes can achieve something

If you have set a goal or purpose, would you talk about it around? Or would you keep it in your heart? In conclusion, psychological experiments have shown that the latter is more likely to achieve a goal or purpose than the former. The content is as follows.

163 people took 4 tests. Everyone wrote down their personal goals on paper and everyone in the other half declared they’ll do it. The other half didn’t reveal it. And they were given 45 minutes to reach their goals, but they said it’s okay to quit when it’s good. All those who didn’t say their goals spent all 45 minutes and asked questions later, they felt they were still far from achieving their goals. But those who announced their goals said they quit the work an average of 33 minutes , and when asked later, they said that they felt they seemed close to the goal. Why could this happen?

Psychologists describe this phenomenon as “Social reality.” Social reality refers to the satisfaction you get from the illusion of your mind that seems to have already been realized by telling others about your a goals or purpose and being recognized by them. The good feeling of what you’re saying is actually diminishing the motivation and possibility of making the effort necessary to reach your goal.

So how can we deal with this? If you set a goal or purpose, you never say it out loud. It is to endure the temptation to tell others about your goal and feel the satisfaction of being socially recognized later. If people for example your friends tell you about their a goal or purpose, don’t give them satisfying feedback ( You should do feedback a little bit for maintaining relationship ( ゚Д゚)) If you understand this content and psychological process, then your goal must be close than before! (*^_^*) . After that, you just keep going!!



Common reasons why successes can achieve something

If you have set a goal or purpose, you should keep it in your heart until it is realized without telling anyone else. Because you will feel a sense of accomplishment by speaking and the motivation or feasibility of the activity is reduced.


If people such as your friends says a goal or purpose, you should not give feedback that feels good to the people .


Don’t forget to put this psychological process into your consciousness.


In the last 

What everyone often listens in the general public is that if you declare your goal, your realization rate will increase. Personally, I don’t think it is wrong. The content of the experiment on this topic is just one result. There is a proverb in Japan that is juu nin toi ro which means way of thinking, personality, aptitude, etc. are different for each person. People have the right style each people. I think we should not receive this result seriously just having as a universal result because there are many results in psychological experiment that contradicts between the results.

I hope this article will help to be close your goal or purpose!! If you have any goals or purposes, please leave comments in the comments section below. m(__)m

Then, bye bye (@^^)/~~~




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