No.4 3 things man learned while his plane crashed

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"I no longer want to postpone anything in life" - Ric Elias

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Hello, everyone.
As the previous theme, 「Try something new for 30 days」 advised, I bought PS3 because I had a desire to buy PS3 and play game from 10 years ago and actually did. but I was quickly fed up with it and resold it about same as the speed of light. (*^-^*)

As a result, I was able to gain a sense of satisfaction and happiness temporarily, and I was also able to expand my range of moving such as going to a shop to buy a game Soft, or getting a sense of heightened mental satisfaction. So the conclusion of the previous theme, No.3, was true. In my case, playing games was the most wanted thing in my life. Why don’t you take this opportunity to try something new?

The introduction has been extended( ゚Д゚). So I’ll move on to today’s theme soon! I have a question to you guys. Do you have things in your mind that you must do this in your life, or do you know its universality? I’m sure you have a lot of answers, but I don’t have anything special yet. So this time, We are going to listen an example !

If you read this article, straying lambs like me will find something you have to do this in your life or you’ll be able to find something that you can aim for in the future! I’m hoping personally (‘_’).

Then, From TED, We are going to learn English from the presentation by Ric Elias, “3 things I learned from my plane crashed!”



3 things man learned while his plane crashed

Rick Elias who is the miracle survivor of The miracle of The Hudson River in the United States, said he learned three things when he realized the end of his life while the plane was crashing.

Everything could changes instantly

He said that when he was ready for death, he came up with thought of “what he had to do” and “what he wanted to do.” However, he recalled he had put off them and regretted, so he decided not to postpone anything from now on.

Even though we know something that ” we have to do” or “we want to do” , we often attribute it to the environment or put it behind us. So, I suppose that we have to be active in our daily life so that we can say “I don’t have anything left” when we look back on our life. “When death will come, everyone can’t imagine it since it is unusual, it will come in a moment and pass in a moment.”


Eliminate negative energy from life

He said he had been caring for others before the plane crash, but at the same time he was thinking about his gains and losses, and feeling little selfishness.

He also mentioned relationships, and he regretted that he didn’t spend his time with precious people and he had wasted it on valueless things.

He said he could live a more fulfilling life than before the plane crash by improving the way he spends his time and eliminating negative energy.


To be good a dad

He said he felt something while preparing for death. It was a deep sadness as well as not afraid to die. The idea led to his wish to watch his child grow. A month after the plane crash, at his daughter’s concert, he shed tears again and realized that there was the most important thing in life. It was to watch his daughter grow up and to be a good father to both her and my wife.

The common thing above is whether you have done what you have to do not to regret when you are ready to die. However, it is assumed that altruistic activities or consideration should be focused on , not just on accomplishing them.

He is grateful for knowing it, for surviving from an airplane accident and for the miracle of living changing differently than before. And he asked us the last question. “imagine the same thing happens on your plane and how would you change? What would you get done that you’re waiting to get done because you think you’ll be here forever? How would you change your relationships and the negative energy in them? And more than anything, are you being the best parent you can?”. He went down the stage with applause.



3 things man learned while his plane crashed

Never put off What you have to do and what you want to do.


To live altruistically and value time with precious people.


 Become a good parent (person).


In the last 

We are changing day by day. Changing a large part of your life in a single moment is very difficult because your behavior, your pattern of thinking, and your beliefs are habitual. But personally, I think it’s possible to change people in a moment. The meaning of ‘momentary change’ that I’m referring to here is cosmic history. The universe occurred about 13.8 billion years ago. It was about eight million years ago that humanity appeared. The eight million years we saw in 13.8 billion are a few seconds. So, I think 80 years of human life means “changing momentarily.” It may seem long in human experience, but it’s only a brief change in history.

the explanation has been prolonged(sorry guys _(._.)_), the conditions ‘momentally change’ are as follows.

①Existence of “people” except yourself
②The occurrence of “an event” that fundamentally reverses own values or identity.
③After experiencing ②, one’s newly formed “settlement of flexible vision or (life) purpose-enhancing consciousness”

I think that by experiencing the occurrence and process of this whole idea of 1 to 3, people will change in a moment. And what constitutes the occurrence of the whole idea is that life is at stake, like an airplane crash, and it changes life 180 degrees.

If you think about applying it to an airplane accident like this one, it’s as follows.
①Family and friends
②Air-plane crash
③Three things he learned from airplane crash (summary part)

There is a low chance that life-shaking events will happen accidentally, but I think they can change the environment or even change their consciousness. But, just don’t get that direction wrong. This change is to make yourself happy before the other person. There may be some ethical or moral consequences, but unless they go too far, I hope to turn to vectors for “happiness” of conscience or emotion rather than “right” of logic or discipline.

Don’t lose to the coronavirus( `ー´)ノ

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