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Hello everyone!
It’s hard to do a lot of things because of the coronavirus~。I get stressed out by such things as broken living base and rhythm or a sudden cancellation of overseas travel and etc. (I had planned to travel abroad for 8 months because I’m staying away school for a year , but all of them were gone.) So this time I would like to write an article about stress.

In today’s society, which is called a stressful society, you will have a negative impression when you hear of the word, but I’d like to completely change that concept by 180 degrees! I have confident that this article will give you more mental leeway to think and see your concept of stress and things in a wider perspective before you were!

We are going to study by watching TED talk, the title is How to make stress your friend , presented by Kelly McGonigal who is health psychologist and neuroscientist at Stanford University



Why we have to change about the concept of stress

Stress causes positive effects on body  

As a health psychologist, Kerry McGonigal (hereafter referred to as MC) thought stress was a health risk factor, but a study changed MC’s view of stress by 180 degrees.

The U.S. study found that 43 percent of people died from severe stress, but this was only true for those who believed that (1) stress was harmful to their health, and (2) it had only minimal impact on those who thought it would have no health impact. And surprisingly, (2) was less likely to die than people who were not stressed at all.

Death Rate: High to High
1 (Stress is harmful) > (3 (No stress) >(2 (Stress is harmless)

Studies have also shown that in the United States, the death rate from stress is higher than that from skin cancer, HIV/AIDS and murder. In other words, those belief that stress affects their body raises the risk of death.

Based on the results, the MC infer if they could change their belief about stress they’d become healthier. The results revealed that changing the way people think about stress changes their physical response to stress.


The hormone caused by stress leads sociability

The MC also mentioned to oxytocin. Oxytocin is a neurohormone that is secreted by the brain when you hug and is effective in improving your immune system. Oxytocin also promotes close relationships with people, makes them strongly desire physical contact, enhances sympathy and empathy, and makes them willing to help or support those voluntarily.

Oxytocin is essential for us to feel happiness and satisfaction. Oxytocin is also a form of stress hormone. When oxytocin is secreted as a stress response, it makes you want to spend time with your loved ones and people. Oxytocin also regenerates the heart’s cells, heal from stress damage, and help prevent heart disease.

Oxytocin is also more socially related with hugging and is secreted more with the help of others. According to one experiment, the risk of death is as high as 30 percent if you are under great stress such as economic poverty or a family crisis.However, people who spent their time caring for others did not see any increase in deaths resulting from stress. This indicates that by helping people, caring, and finding joy and meaning in connection with people, oxytocin is more secreted and leads to prevent heart disease and improve immune system.

From these two points, MC insisted stress-related concepts, health-consciousness toward other people , and improvement of resilience through the effect of oxytocin.



Why we have to change about the concept of stress

Negative thinking about stress (conceptions) can lead to heart disease and lower immunity, so by changing and accepting your mind-set and belief about stress from negative to positive, more you can be healthier and reduce risk of death.


Social interaction, consideration and action to help others, and finding pleasure and meaning in the process can promote oxytocin secretion and prevent cardiovascular diseases.


In the end

I was surprised by the contents. In short, it’s like you can be healthier if you change your mind. To add a little bit from a psychological point of view, there are three criteria to determine whether a person really has changed.First, way of thinking, Second, actions, Third, facial expressions. Your behavior changes as you think differently. And then action changes your face because action gives you feedback, lets you judge that action justifies your way of thinking, and accepts them as your identity.

I don’t say that negative thinking is bad, but I think that making it better will change the world a lot. For example, we can point to the suicide problem. in the world today, the majority of them are teens to 20s and they passed away at a rate of one in every 40 seconds. Their thoughts and feelings are filled with negative belief. How much would be able to help them if you can reach out and say “Are you all right?” If the word “suicide” is heard and we change our personal perception and behave for them I believe that such tragedies will not be repeated. 

We cannot be happy without social connections and love. It’s a conclusion from many studies and experiments. That is to say, it is up to you to make you and people happy or unhappy. I think it’s a precondition for us to be happy to say a few words to strangers next to us or to be interested in them, rather than just being self-centered or self-pity.

I were a bit serious. Take care of the coronavirus, you guys! Wash your hands well because it’s the best protection against infection! I’m planning to write an article about the coronavirus soon! 





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