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①This is explanation for leaner who studies English 
②There is explanation for people who are English speaker below this sentences.

①Hello everyone! First, thank you for visiting this site! m (_ _) m
This is the 1st commemorative blog (” ◇ ”). This time, I will specify what kind of blog I am going to start! 

This blog aims at the fixation of knowledge of foreign language learning which is based on the concept that I make you understand short videos made in English clearly and create opportunities for learner who study for foreign languages! I’d like to treat subjects based on psychology.  But, I’ll write basically three contents including Psychology.

Contents Chani Blog deals with


I’m a university student, majoring in psychology, and I want to enter a graduate school in the United States in the future, so I’ll treat it with personal impulses (lol).


Other academics (philosophy, astronomy, epidemiology, biology, etc.) 

I have interest some studies except psychology, so I will also deal with this with my personal urge. (lol).(lol).(lol)


Introduction I recommend books or reference materials to learn English.

I basically introduce them relatively relating TED talks, but I will also write articles for introduction of other materials.


And there are three objects for me.


To study short videos made in English together in enjoyable ways with the aim of improving foreign languages and the knowledge.

To be a blog that can be for everyone who learns languages

To Let you realize that foreign language learning is pleasant thing

I’m multilingual that means people who can speak more than three languages. I can handle Japanese, English, and Korean and I think I can give you a lot of advice and know-how! I wasn’t
multilingual from the beginning.I learned it in my daily life and studying and felt satisfaction and  and pleasure for the process. So I think I was able to learn it naturally. In addition, I believe that goals and objectives have had a synergistic effect on foreign language learning. I have a goal of going on to enter graduate school in U.S. and I am working every day to study foreign languages towards that goal. I wish I could study with you as a person who is always learning something!

And lastly, I hope this blog will become a community for people who study foreign languages together.  

②From here for English native speaker.
I mentioned that I’ ll pick up videos or documents written in English. I suppose it is easy for native speaker to understand English in my blog (isn’t it??). So, I’ll make something lets you to be helpful and meaningful information and time by coming this site. I choose stuff based on English at the same time, I’ll make translation two scripts, Japanese and Korean, so that not only you can get useful information, but also you can study the above of two languages. It might be difficult to learn and keep on the study but, I strongly believe that we can do anything unless we give up. Keep on your way and if you need help, I’d help you!! We can develop by helping each other.


10 reasons why I recommend to learn English through TED talk
I who have watched Ted talk over 200 videos introduce 10 reasons why I recommend to learn English by TED.


TOEFL 110 + strategy by a multi-lingualist
Do you have troubles what to use to study TOEFL? This article is based on advice from over 30 sites, YouTube and official TOEFL sites and on my experience as a multilingual in learning.


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