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Hello everyone~
I’m Chani who loves pudding more than anything. There are many kinds of pudding, aren’t there? I like pudding without caramel and always eat it when I write my blog! This gives me motivation when I write my blog.

This time, I wrote an article that giving motivation. it’s relatively short and English words are not difficult, so I think it’s best for memorizing .Also, I recommend it to you to listen while going to workplace or somewhere and it gives motivation as you can easily listen to it.

Then we are going to learn English from Ben Lionel Scott’s video with the title No excuses!



The theme this time is “Don’t make excuses.” We try to justify ourselves by not being able to do what we intend, or by making excuses to ourselves and others. But this video shows that the excuse is not necessary for us to grow. The reason is as follows.


3 reasons why we should stop making excuses

Excuses lose sight of yourself

Excuses are easy, because excuses turn away from the truth and prevent you from seeing what you really need. Most of the excuses are negative. Negation dulls our thoughts and sensibilities, clouding what we really need to do and what we need to see. It’s like putting on a blindfold and aiming for a goal. If you wear a blindfold as an excuse, you will not know which direction the goal is and even front. Then you can’t achieve your goals or dreams.


Excuses hinder human development.

Excuses temporarily have a positive effect on you, because It is response they have accepted the events. You make excuses because you accept them. Acceptance itself is positive, but excuses are lies. lies are fabrications and fictions. The truth has contents. Allowing to accept the events by making excuses is equivalent to abandoning most of the content of events required for mental maturation. Lack of substance means nothing to gain. Excuses can also degrade you reputation, but they are necessary to grow up.


Excuses create a vicious circulation.

People who have saved themselves by making excuses will use them as a means to avoid lowering their self-affirmation. This is the beginning of the vicious circulation. You may be able to protect yourself at first, but you can’t see what you need to do or see as described above, and it’s becoming your daily life to throw away the content of the events that you need to grow up as a human being. Habit is the automation of life and work. Habit is so powerful that it becomes universal for us, slowly and surely seeps into our bodies and minds.

So how can we stop the habit of making excuse?


How to stop the habit of making excuses

Accept the truth obediently

That’s enough. The excuse is lies. If you accept it frankly, you don’t have to use your head to make excuses and deceive others, or you don’t have to have any problems later. It’s very simple. If you fail, make sure you have enough rooms to accept it in your mind. Enough rooms in your mind can only be gained by accepting it. If you fail, you can also add the reason that the failure was necessary for success, depending on the subsequent results. Everything is fine if it ends well.



3 reasons why we should stop making excuses

Excuses lose sight of yourself : Excuses cover up the truth, dull our thoughts and sensibility, keep us away from what needs to be done, and cloud what needs to be seen.


Excuses hinder human development. : An excuse is a kind of reaction to accepting things, but allowing an excuse is synonymous with abandoning most of what is needed for mental maturity.


Excuses create a vicious circulation. : If you’ve ever saved yourself by making excuses, you’ll use them as a way to avoid lowering your self-affirmation, and this will lead to a vicious circle of habitualization as described in ① and ② above.


How to stop the habit of making excuses

Accept the truth obediently : Be open-minded about accepting things. Enough rooms in mind will be created by accepting obediently .Depending on the results, the mistakes of the past can be confirmed. Everything is fine if it ends well.


In the end

I’m making an excuse without knowing it (T . T). I think back now, then I never made it better(i _ i 。). An excuse lie can cause problems and add to the complexity. As in this video, I learned from my own experience that once I apologize or accept it, it will be solved quickly٩( ‘ω’ ). From now on, I want to be a person who is open-minded and can appect everything obediently. Let’s do our best. (^ ^)Everyone, stay healthy today too !

Then, bye bye (@^^)/~~~



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