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Hello everyone~
I’m Chan who wants to motivate myself these days.( ・∇・)。 Motivation is important anyway, isn’t it? – So this time we’ll study English with videos related to motivation!

If you watch this video, you will be able to motivate yourself in English. There are a lot of motivating videos, but not only the content but also the synchro rate of videos and music are very important! I’ve prepared a good video, so please look forward to it!
*There is a subtitle function in the video, but there is a little problem with the translation accuracy, so please refer to the translation at the top of this site.

Then, we are going to learn English from Mateusz M who give us presentation titled Why Do We Fall 



The world is not sweet, but do you have time to worry about that? In the meantime, the world goes around and remains indifferent to you. Do you want to succeed? There are six things you have to do then.


6 teaching to summon up ourselves

Do not self-depreciate or devalue yourself

Are you having a hard time now? Do you think you’re worthless? That is temporary. The period is up to you. If you are willing to change now, you can say that you have changed from that moment. If you don’t do anything, you’ll stay there forever since it’s your choice. Visual changes don’t happen immediately. It’s a gradual, but certain change.


No matter what anyone says, believe in your ability and potential

People remember what they couldn’t do as an experience. And when someone else tries to challenge something, they give advice that you can’t. But that’s the result of the person. If he really invests time, thinks creakingly, and acts like rainwater, that advice might be true. However, they never deny it if they can do such a things.

The voices of those who deny and discourage are low value. This is because it erases the preconditions for success like challenge. Let’s motivate ourselves and have our friends say positive things. And let’s look at voices and ways of doing that people who succeeded.


Let’s have a big dream can be over greed

We want to succeed. Let’s say you’re doing something to make your dream come true. If you’re tired while working, you’ll want to take a break or sleep. You can take a break or sleep. But, let’s have enough passion or dreams to keep you from feeling tired. You can never find them when you wait.


practice and action must be done

Thinking comes second, because the former makes a difference to you and your environment, but the latter makes nothing. Failures are data for success. Don’t be ashamed of yourself even if you try and fail. You’re better than them who didn’t do anything.


Make a strong resolution and never give up

Ask yourself who you are, what you want to do and what makes you happy. And if you find it, make up your mind to be “I want to be” or “I want to do.” Let us be creative and not seek stability. In order to be that way, it’s practice and action. Don’t give up. Let’s challenge ourselves with a desire to succeed. you will not get success. Success is drawn to you.


Let’s make other people’s lives better.

This is the last step. At first, you can do your best for yourself, but it won’t last. Let’s cry and practice for lovers and families who are not ourselves, neighbors nearby, and people around the world. You may have already been hurt and worn out. That is the result of your efforts. As you go on, you will find someone who understands you. In order to do so, the above content are needed.

And don’t forget it. There are as many people who are hurt and exhausted as you are. There are a lot of people who are working hard. You will join in that too. And someday you’ll be the one who gives motivation to others. You have talent, you have the power to be happy, and you have the potential to change your life.



6 teaching to summon up ourselves

Don’t self-depreciate or devalue yourself : have the will to change.


No matter what anyone says, believe in your ability and potential : the important thing is what you want to challenge. Ignore the voice of others.


Have a big dream can be over greed : have big dreams and passions that make you feel happy even if you’re sleepy or hungry.


Practice and action must be done : practice and action have results. Thought doesn’t give rise to anything.


Make a strong resolution and never give up : look at what makes you happy and make dicision. Never give up until that day comes.


Try to make other people’s lives better : Be a person who can cry for others, not yourself. You have talent, you have the power to be happy, and you have the potential to change your life.


In the end

Did you get motivated? I got the motivation to make my blog and learn English from this video ٩( ‘ω’ )و . It’s hard to maintain, of course. I think listening to the voice of a successful person is the best way to motivate yourself. (The combination of video and music is synergistic, isn’t it ∧( ‘Θ’ )∧ ?) )they have succeeded, if you want to succeed, you can check out the successful people.

Personally, I think there are many people who have acted and made mistakes. It produced results, but Thought can’t produce results. It may be possible to improve efficiency and accuracy in achieving your dreams, but I think it’s meaningless if you don’t take action. So if you want to succeed or change your life, you should act without thinking^ ^)
Let’s do our best for each other’s dreams and goals ٩( ‘ω’ )و

Then bye bye (@^^)/~~~



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