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Don’t you have trouble memorizing English words? The reason is essentially inefficient in memorizing words. English is made up of prefixes and suffixes, so once you memorize them, you can memorize words. Also, if you learn the origin of English together, you won’t have any trouble memorizing English words anymore.

For example, you can infer that pre- (prefix) and -mature (suffix).If it’s philosophy, philo-(prefix) and -sophy(suffix).

In this way, you can see that memorizing English words like multiplication is the most efficient way .The advantages of remembering this prefix, suffix, and English etymology include:

1. You can memorize words like chain

2. It makes it easier to accurately imagine words

3. you will not to forget the words

I spent a lot of time memorizing English words, and I wanted to know this method quickly, so I collected prefixes, suffixes, and English roots.

Please use it to study Englishm(__)m


1, prefix

2, suffix

3. English roots


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