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I update questions and answers about OPIc. This is a work of fiction. The characters, incidents and locations portrayed and the names herein are fictitious and any similarity to or identification with the location, name, character or history of any person, product or entity is entirely coincidental and unintentional.


OPIc Q&A 101~125

Talk about a place/country you like to go after the coronavirus ends and why you like to go there.

I would like to visit the U.K after the coronavirus ends. There are three reasons for this.

First, I want to watch Premier League in person and am a fan of Cristiano Ronald, who belongs to Manchester United now. He is old and can retire in the early future. So, I want to watch a football match and Cristiano Ronald directly.

Second, I want to tour the U.K. There are a variety of tourist attractions in the U.K. So, I want to visit the sightseeing spots in the U.K.

Third, I want to speak English with British people. British is the origin of English. So, I want to learn English pronunciation and hone my English speaking ability by interacting with people.

So, these are the reasons why I want to visit the U.K after ending the coronavirus.


Talk about a movie you liked or disliked and explain why.

A movie I liked is the greatest showman, and three are three reasons for this.

First, the music and songs are impressive and moving.
Second, the character in the story is unique.
Third, I can learn the history of the U.S. because the story was made based on the real story.

A movie I disliked is romantic movies of Korea, and three are three reasons for this.

First, the scenario is predictable.
Second, the same actors or actresses almost always appear in movies.
Third, the story itself is lame. I mean, it is old-fashioned.

These are the reasons why I like the greatest showman and dislike romantic movies of Korea.


What do you want to do after you graduate, and what type of life do you want to live?

I want to work as a data scientist after graduating from university. It is hard to say what type of life I want to live because I never thought about that. But, one thing I can mention is that I want to live freely and want to travel around the world.

So, the ideal life, for now, is traveling the world and communicating with the natives to open my viewpoints on people whom I do not know. Furthermore, it is ideal to have a way to earn money by utilizing my ability in data science when I am out of cash.

In summary, I want to live life freely and travel all over the world.


What is capital punishment? Is it necessary to control crime? Do you agree with it in some special circumstances?

According to Marriam Webster dictionary, capital punishment is death as a punishment given by a court of law for very serious crimes.

I suppose capital punishment is necessary to control crime because the existence of the death penalty can restrain crimes. People will be unwilling to commit heavy crimes if there is a possibility of being sentenced to capital punishment.

Besides, condemned criminals or life prisoners spend the nation’s money to keep alive them. They keep their life in prison thanks to our tax. The country has to utilize the tax efficiently in a different direction, such as for children, social welfare, etc.

On top of that, prisoners can escape from jail and commit crimes. Suppose that there is a heinous prisoner and he/she escaped from the prison and killed someone, who will take responsibility for the case? The prisoner has to pay responsibility, but jailers might have to take the blame. Plus, we cannot take responsibility for the potential victims.

But, we have to consider situations that criminals are judged capital punishment but are innocent actually. I know some of the cases that people who were executed were innocent, reveling after science advanced.

So, I agree with capital punishment, but we have to catch specific and objective proof before enforcing the judgment.


What was the most interesting thing you did in high school?

The most interesting thing I did in high school was that I threw a cake into my friend’s face.

I belonged to a football team. So, I had friends a lot. One day, one of my friends was his birthday. I knew his birthday, so I suggested buying a cake for him before his birthday. Of course, I bought two cakes: one was for eating, one was for throwing.

While celebrating him with songs and presents, I gave my presents, the cake. His face was covered with cream and looked funny. I guess he could have a memorable time in his life. So, the most interesting thing I did in high school was that I threw a cake into my friend’s face.


Who has been the biggest influence on your life? What lessons did that person teach you?

A football adviser of a high school teacher impacted (influenced, affected) the biggest influence on my life. He was passionate about football and trained his football team so strictly. I thought he was crazy and merciless. But, I learned a lot of things from him.

For example, we have to appreciate our parents because we cannot play football without their support. He taught us that we also have to be grateful for the opponent because we cannot play football without players. He grew me up mentally.

So, I think a football adviser of a high school teacher affected the biggest and positive influence on my life.


What kind of punishments that have you had? Why were you punished?

I had received mental and physical punishment when I was seven years old. The mental punishment was bullying. I was discriminated against and punished by an elementary teacher just because I have a Korean father.

The physical punishment was that I was hit by the stick. At the time, physical punishment was not restricted so much. So, I received physical punishments several times. The reason why I was punished was relevant to my nationality. I have grown up in Japan and have a Japanese mother and a Korean father. Discrimination was a little intense at the time compared with these days. I felt agony every day. So, I hope punishments and discrimination will disappear someday.


What have you learned when you were a university student?

I learned that a problem will never be solved without understanding from analyzing information from multi-perspectives and acquiring premise knowledge.  

After getting a scholarship, an exemption of tuition fees from Korean University, I saw international students were talking with students and started to have a desire to have a cultural exchange with them. So, I established an international volleyball team named Bi-bin-power.   

I could have a significant time through the international community by participating in volleyball competitions and learning about various cultures. Besides, not only could I get the global knowledge and viewpoints from interacting with students on national circumstances, differences of countries, and global issues, but also could I realize deeply that international problems will never be resolved unless we consider and comprehend the history and premise knowledge with multi-angle analysis.  


What sort of a data scientist would you like to be?

I would like to be a data scientist who can mediate between workers who have a background in humanities and data science. Many companies are producing a significant profit by utilizing the technology of artificial intelligence and the big data acquired from IoT, but some companies where cannot introduce the technology due to the lack of competent engineers, and difficulties of the operation of the new technology are dotted.  

From the situation, I think human resources who can understand artificial intelligence and utilize the technology are necessary for society to yield benefits and started to have a desire to be a data scientist who can understand the technology and set up plans to solve problems with data analysis and close the gap of workers who have a background of humanities and data science.

To be such a data scientist, I would like to hone my ability with my high intellectual curiosity and character that enjoys the learning process in my first career by learning data science from Coursera or Udemy, and developing data engineering and analysis skills in data analysis sites such as Kaggle, and utilizing acquired knowledge and skills for projects. 


What made you want to be a data scientist?

I specialized in psychology and started to have interests in neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and data science. First, I was trying to utilize the technology of AI to research cognitive psychology and brain science. However, while acquiring knowledge of AI, I started to realize that AI has superior functions partially compared to human cognitive ability, such as visual function, learning speed, etc.  

From this information and potentiality that might be helpful for comprehending humans by simulating the brain with AI technology, I started to immerse myself in learning Python and data science. I began to be interested in data scientist amongst jobs relating to utilizing AI because I prefer statistics and analysis.  


What are your strong points?

Overflowing Curiosity

I have a strong intellectual curiosity and will absolutely find out information that I do not know by looking it up on the internet or from books. I feel satisfied with the learning process, and because of my character, I could accumulate a vast amount of knowledge and advice on some academic content for my friends by utilizing the acquired knowledge. 

Moreover, I could get a fully-funded scholarship from a Korean University thanks to my disposition. When I was in high school, I found a fully-funded scholarship program. I researched how to get the scholarship by analyzing the organization and its expectations for scholars. Then, it resulted in getting the right of complete exemption from school fees tuition, approximately more than 30,000 dollars.


Communication is from me.

I keep in mind that I try to talk first when communicating with people. I grew up with Korean culture in my house, Japanese culture in school, international culture by getting familiar with international students. 

I heard from International friends that they cannot try to talk with Japanese because they are afraid they might not be able to speak in Japanese. 

From the problem international students faced, I started to talk from me. I repeated the action, and it became a habit. Since the habit changed me, I try to make constructive time by being a group leader and gathering opinions from team members. 


Tell us about yourself?

I have a high intellectual curiosity and an ability that analyses information and solve problems by utilizing the analyzed information. So, I can contribute my ability for the duty of data scientist by using my strong points.

For example, I analyzed all the information thoroughly to get the fully-funded scholarship, such as expectations for the scholar, the history and philosophy of the school, the past successful case of getting the scholarship. Then, it resulted in getting a fully-funded scholarship from the university. 

I specialize in psychology and have interests in cognitive psychology, nerve science, artificial intelligence, and data science at university. The reason why I started to have an interest in data science is that the knowledge and technology from artificial intelligence can be useful means for the research of brain science and cognitive psychology. 

I started to immerse myself in learning data science and artificial intelligence while understanding the potentiality that might be able to conducting simulation experiments for the brain in the early future. The making efforts turned out to get certificates of data science, provided by IBM and Google, and be Kaggle master. 

I would like to be a data scientist who can mediate between workers who have a background in humanities and data science after entering your company. Companies and society need human resources who comprehend the technology of artificial intelligence to yield profits. From my belief, I would like to be a data scientist who understands data science as a person from humanities can narrow the gap between workers who have a background in humanities and data science and can solve business problems by date analysis.  


What do you think about life

I cannot give a specific answer to the question, but I know the way to approach to get what life is. 

The first is from the cognitive psychology perspective that you give meaning to life. If you think your life is beautiful and happy or is agony and miserable, the life will be. So, it means you give meaning and define your life by yourself.   

The second is from a religious conviction that you were born because you have responsibility and duty that you must achieve in your life, given by something great. So, you have to find the responsibility and duty by praying for or helping people. Well, this is similar to the cognitive psychology perspective, giving meaning and defining your life. But it is totally different because you do not define your life by yourself but will be given through praying by God. 

It is challenging to define life because there are a wide variety of people who have different backgrounds and idiosyncratic thinking. So, defining life can be possibly impossible. But, there is a universal desire that people want to have a happy life, such as having a nice job, being rich, spending time with a lovely partner happily ever after, etc. So, even though it is tough to define what life is, I can give you some tips to live nice life instead. That is positive. If you think, feel, and behave positively, then you will be positive and feel that life is a kind of fun, according to research from positive psychology. 

I am sorry I cannot give a clear answer to your question, but this is the best answer that I can give you for now.  


Which is your greater achievement with work or in your personal life?

I have two achievements in my personal life. The first is that I could get a fully-provided scholarship from the university when I was a university student. I had to choose whether to enter a university or get a job in Japan after graduating from high school. My friends gave me the information about the scholarship. So, I applied for the scholarship and got the mail of the passing of judging and could graduate from university successfully.

The second is that I could go to the Philippines at a reasonable price through a program provided by the university and could increase my English ability drastically. The program was offered by the university, but the number of people recruited was only eight people out of 120 applicants. I passed the judging and could go to the Philippines at a low price because I got 4.0 out of 4.5 that was applied to be discounted. Then, I did practice speaking English while having a cultural exchange with Philippino, and it resulted in being a fluent English speaker.

The third is that I could get a job as a data scientist. I specialized in Psychology and English at university and planned to enter graduate in the U.S. But, I started to have an interest in data science and artificial intelligence while researching cognitive psychology and nerve science. I learned a lot about them on the internet and got data science certificates offered by IBM, Google in Coursera and made deliverables in Kaggle. It brought me out to get a job as a data scientist even though I specialized in psychology and English at university.


If you could change something with the public office or with your work, what that would be, and with would be the consequences?

I want to be a data scientist or data analyst because I feel interested in data science and artificial intelligence. Besides, it is ideal for me to work as a data scientist while learning cognitive psychology and data science at graduate school in the U.S. After finishing the course of the graduate, I would like to set up a company that cultivates trainee who wants to be data science or data analyst. After establishing a company and working out the business successfully, I want to learn psychology and data science in the course of Ph.D., and be a professor. After fishing the work of the professor, I would retire from working but want to educate and support young people who have a dream.


Describe your ideal holiday, the ideal retirement, or your ideal employment?

The ideal holiday for me is spending time and learning academic content, such as data science, artificial intelligence, mathematics, cognitive and behavioral psychology, etc. This is because I have a high intellectual curiosity and interest in academic stiff and satisfied with the process of learning.

The ideal retirement for me is having some money for retirement and personal connections to spend the rest of the time. Even after retiring from the workplace, I want to keep learning and working in the academic world.

The ideal employment is entering a foreign company of data science and getting a career that I worked as a data scientist for the first career, having personal networks to work in a foreign country in the future.


What kind of personal qualities do you need to work?

There are three personal qualities that I need to work on.
First, technological knowledge and the actual capability for performance. I am going to enter a data science company. So, I need to get the actual ability to perform the duty of the work, such as knowledge of Python and data science. Otherwise, I will be fired and cannot earn the cost of my living enough.

Second, having communicative skills to build personal networks. Communicative skills are essential to promote in the organization and make personal connections that bring about the positive and potential chance to have a successful work life.

Third, making a career plan. This is a vital factor that determines the quality of work and life because we cannot develop ourselves without motivation created by a career plan. Suppose that you want to set up a company after working. You might work and learn harder, and this motivates us to attain something. Whereas if you do not have any career plan you want to reach, you might have a boring and stressful work life.

So, I need to work on three personal qualities, technological knowledge and the actual capability for performance, having communicative skills to establish personal networks, and making a career plan.


What is your opinion on the problem of obesity in young people?

The problem of obesity is a hot issue in a developed country. Obesity does not bring about positive feedback. People who are too fat have potential death caused by diabetes, physical oppression of the heart. This leads to negative results on the economy. The death of young people means loss of workforce that contributes to developing the country. On top of that, insurance cost for obesity is considerable. The problem of obesity influenced negative feedback for individuals and the nation. So, the problem should be solved as fast as possible.


I update questions and answers for OPIc. Ninety percent of the contents are imaginary. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of my imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.