My Recommendation book


I update a presentation about My Recommendation book that I made for the class. Please use this as a reference.



My Recommendation book

Hello, everyone. My name is Leon. I am going to start a presentation about my book recommendation. If you have any questions about the content, I will answer the question at the end of the presentation.


Today, I want to recommend to you my recommendable book, 50 psychology classics, this time. The Reason Why I chose this book is that I wanted to introduce ​a recommendable academic book that is easy to understand and helpful for your life. I only read books regarding academic things that are relatively difficult to understand, such as psychology, philosophy, data science, mathematics, etc. So, I chose an academic book that is not complex and easy to explain for you and me.


This is a table of content: First, I am going to introduce the author. Second, I am going to present about 50 Psychology Classics​. Third, I am going to talk about three reasons why I recommend this book and a point you should know when you read this book​. Next, I am going to show you the services that we can utilize​ to read this book. Lastly, I am going to summarize the content.


I am going to introduce the author. He is the author of 50 Psychology Classics​, Tom Butler-Bowdon​. He is most notable for ​the 50 Classics series of books, which provide commentaries on key writings in personal development, psychology, philosophy, economics, etc. ​The series has been translated into 23 languages.​


There is the edition of Korea, so you can buy and try to read it.


There are nine series of 50 classics like self-help, economics, politics, prosperity, success, spiritual, business, philosophy classics. Today, I am going to focus on 50 psychology classics.


I am going to introduce this book shortly. 50 Psychology Classics introduces 50 famous psychology books and examines some of the most intriguing questions regarding​, what motivates us, what makes us feel and act in certain ways, ​how our brains work, how we create a sense of self​.


Next is the reason why I recommend this book​. There are three reasons for this. I am going to explain them in detail in the next chapter.


The first reason is that you can get the outline of psychological knowledge​. 50 Psychology Classics covers almost every fundamental psychology principle, such as neuropsychology​, psychoanalysis, cognitive psychology, personality psychology, behavioral psychology, positive psychology, and business psychology. I specialized in psychology and took four years to learn and understand these contents. But, if you read this book, you can get the whole information about psychology which is comparable to a year I learned. So, this book can be a shortcut to learning psychology.


The second is high readability. There are 50 chapters, and the pages are about 300. ​There are many contents, but this will not be a problem because sentences are English but, ​are not so difficult to understand.​ There is no academic expression and advanced English words so much compared to other psychology books. And you can read each chapter ​for around 5 to 10 minutes​. So, you do not take much time to read. Lastly, there is a summary in ​the first part of the chapter​. So, you can get the whole picture easily.


The last is that this book expands our sense of value. You can get an abundance of knowledge concerning Psychology which means you will have 50 thinking patterns for a person or an event. Psychology gives you the way to see things from multiple perspectives(viewpoints, points of view). I believe that this expands the sense of values, and it will change us. I am going to explain why this is important.


Not only Korean but also Japanese students assume that they work and live in their nation. I do not say it is bad, but I guess the selection narrows your possibility of enriching your life. You can live in other countries. There might be a possibility that you have happy life than in your country. So, life should not be restricted only by the world that you know. So, knowing knowledge and expanding your viewpoints are really important to enrich your life.


Let me quote (cite, refer) a word from Tom Butler-Bowdon in the end. “We all need a personal theory of what makes people tick. ​To survive and thrive, we have to know who and what we are, and ​to be canny about the motivations of others. The common route to this knowledge is life experience, but we can advance our appreciation of the subject more quickly through reading”. ​


I want to say a point you should know. You should not use this book as material for English Exams, such as TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, etc, because it is useless for them. I know this well because I used this book to prepare for the TOEFL exam, but it did not produce positive feedback. So, I recommend reading 50 psychological classics as an education​.


This is a sample of 50 Psychology Classics. You can see the sample, and there is flow. A chapter starts with the book title, and the summary, introduction about the book, and explanation about the author. This flow keeps from the beginning to the end of the book. The structure is simple and easy to follow content because we can know the summary of the content before reading the body part of the book.


Next is services that we can utilize​. I am going to introduce two services that I used to utilize.


The first is Amazon Kindle Unlimited. Kindle Unlimited is a service that allows us to read as much as we want, choosing from over 2 million titles. We can read on any device. It’s available for $9.99 a month, and We can cancel anytime.​ If you try to purchase a new book, the cost will be over 10$. But, if you use this service, you can read any books from over 2 million titles. So, I suggest you use this service if you like reading books.


The second is Amazon Audible​. Amazon Audible is a service that allows us to listen as much as we want, choosing from over 200,000 audio titles. We can listen on any device. It’s available for $7.95 a month, and We can cancel anytime. I recommend this service for a person who does not like reading books but likes listening. This service is really useful because it allows users to stream audiobooks. You can get information by listening to the content without moving your eyes.


Lastly, I am going to summarize this presentation. I recommend this book because you can get the whole outline of psychology, it is easy to read, and this book expands values on the world, people, and yourself.​ But, you should know this book does not help to prepare for English Exams, such as TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS​. So, you should read this book as an education. And we can listen or read this book by utilizing Amazon Kindle Unlimited ​and Amazon Audible​.


This is a reference, and I will finish my presentation. Thanks for listening to my presentation, and it is question and answer time. So, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.