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It is common to all languages, words are the most essential and underlying part of languages. The more words you know, the more expressions you can memorize and express. Even if you don’t memorize many words, you can get a relatively high score if you take proper measures for TOEFL. However, if you memorize words, you can get a higher score.

According to a survey on language tests, if you get 115 points on the TOEFL, you can enter all universities in the UK and in the US.If you are interested in the details, please see below.

ETS Research Memorandum : The Association Between TOEFL iBT® Test Scores and the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) Levels


Let me introduce you to the recommended English vocabulary books that I used before taking TOEFL exam.


Recommended English vocabulary books for TOEFL

TOEFL Test English Words 3800


This is a popular English vocabulary book for those who don’t know which TOEFL English vocabulary book to buy. You can get 80-100 points on the TOEFL with this English vocabulary book, if you memorize words in this book. It also comes with a CD, so you can memorize words effectively.

What’s more wonderful is that it comes with an appendix to help you learn the background of academics. The TOEFL exam asks questions based on various disciplines. It’s a good idea to keep this simple knowledge in mind in advance. That’s because when you take the test, the speed of information processing in your head is completely different when you don’t know anything.


TOEFL TEST Required English Words 5600


This is an English vocabulary book that is an extension of TOEFL Test English vocabulary 3800 that contains the words you need to get over 100 points. If you memorize the words in this book, you’ll find it easier to get a high score on the TOEFL.

Half of this book has academic-based Reading questions, and because of the CD, it is possible to study in parallel with Listening. The other half contains words that appear frequently in each study questions.

I recommend that you start after you have memorized more than 90% of the words in  TOEFL Test English words 3800.


TOEFL TEST Advanced English Vocabulary 2500


This book contains the advanced words that are commonly used in American universities, which were actually made in the United States. If you memorize the words in this book, you will almost be able to understand them in TOEFL exam.

The book is characterized by the compactness and simplicity of the size of the book. Among all kinds of English vocabulary books, it’s easy to understand and it’s at the top level. There are also CDs, so you can learn more efficiently.

There are many advanced words that are not listed in TOEFL Test English Word 3800 and TOEFL TEST Required English Word 5600, so it is recommended for those who want to get a high score in the TOEFL.


Extra part

Recommended reference books for TOEFL speaking and writing


The art and training of expressing opinions logically in English


This book is a book for Speaking that can be applied not only to TOEFL but also to Eiken pre-level 1 and GRE. You can learn how to logically express your opinion, as well as expressions that show your approval and disapproval on various topics.

The purpose of this book is not to increase the number of words, but to expand the range of expressions in English for discussions and exams. You can’t expand your vocabulary, but your English expression will be much better. If you personally want to take Speaking countermeasures, this book is the best, and I can mention that it is the best reference book necessary for learning English.


English Writing The Best Technique 36


This book is very useful for TOEFL-based writing. You will be able to learn the necessary expressions and know-how to create sentences suitable for writing, and to write logically and consistently, but overall it is for advanced English leaners.

The purpose of this document is not only to be able to write high-scoring sentences. If you learn and understand this book well, it can be applied to TOEFL, ILETS, GRE, etc., and you will be able to create higher quality documents than you currently do.

Personally If you want to take measures against writing, this book is the best, and this is the best reference book that is indispensable for learning English.


Recommended reference books for learning synonyms


Outgoing English super-level synonym usage map


This book is recommended for those who want to know the details of synonyms. In English, there are many words with similar differences. This book organizes and divides them well.

Depending on the situation or conditions, you can learn which English words are appropriate. This is not intended to expand vocabulary, but this is a slightly higher reference book because it consists of about 15,000 words.

I used it in combination with The art and training of expressing opinions logically in English and I was able to understand not only my ability to express myself in English, but also the differences in detailed meanings. I think it’s a good reference book to take the first step in becoming an English enthusiast.


*Below is an old version of Outgoing English super-level synonym usage map. The old version consists of simpler words than the new one, and the content is easier. If necessary, please use the old version in parallel with the new version.


Outgoing English Synonym Usage Map


For those who want to achieve a higher level of English, such as the Eiken pre-level 1 or United Nations Associations Test of English(UNATE)


Outgoing English 10000-word level super vocabulary building


This book is appropriate to take a step forward for English enthusiasts. This book is not for TOEFL, but an English vocabulary book with a view to Eiken pre-level 1 or United Nations Associations Test of English(UNATE). Even if you memorize the three words in the recommended English vocabulary book for TOEFL preparation, you will find new advanced English words. If you memorize the words in this book, you will be able to get a high score not only in the TOEFL but also in other English tests.

This book is characterized by its large number of words. Also, there is an English translation of the terms used by the academic world, so you can memorize the expressions and terms that you can’t translate into Japanese. Also, the content is beautifully organized, so it is characterized by its high degree of perfection as an English vocabulary book.

It takes a lot of time and patience, so I strongly recommend that you decide how much you want to study English and what you want to do in the future before starting this book.


16000 word level Strongest vocabulary building


This is an English vocabulary book filled with words that can be called “I’m an English maniac.” It hasn’t been long since I started studying this book, but as an impression, it feels more like a dictionary than an English vocabulary book. If you learn the English words in this book, you will be able to go to all universities in the United States and the United Kingdom, as well as graduate school.

This book is an enlarged version of Outgoing English 10000-word level super vocabulary building and it is characterized by the appropriate amount of words and the neat arrangement of English. Perhaps it will take at least a year to memorize the English words in this book completely.

It is one of the top English vocabulary books in Japan, and although it is worthwhile, it requires more time and patience than Outgoing English 10000-word level super vocabulary building. When learning English in this book, I recommend that you start slowly and systematically.


In the end

I gave you the information. The rest depends on your efforts. This is my personal wish, please find out why you want to study English and how you want to use it in the future.

With TOEIC and English conversation, you can take measures in a short period of time and score easily, but TOEFL or ILETS takes time more than one year. It depends on your English ability, but it takes a lot of effort and patience to prepare for TOEFL while working or doing other things.

So, depending on the goal, I would like you to examine how much English is necessary for you. Have a fun English life ( ̄∇ ̄)


TOEFL 110 + strategy by a multi-lingualist
Do you have troubles what to use to study TOEFL? This article is based on advice from over 30 sites, YouTube and official TOEFL sites and on my experience as a multilingual in learning.


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