Nuclear energy saves the earth


 What will you come up with when listening to the term of nuclear energy? Some people have a negative impression of it and might think that another natural energy from wind, geothermal, or hydroelectric power energy is more trustworthy. However, such power plants that activate based on these natural power are not widespread because they cause these plants natural disaster in the ecosystem and take the tremendous cost to constitute them. Moreover, these plants are inefficient to generate enough electrility compared to consumption.

 As an example of a natural plant where caused disaster, there is the Aswan High Dam. This dam was designed to limit the Nile’s overflow and generate electricity as a hydroelectricity plant. This facility improved people’s life actually but made the Nile flow slow down at the same time. Furthermore, it raised the height above the river level and led to havoc for the upper soil and agricultural products. From these result, we can assume if we were attempting to form plants where create electricity, some problems would occur as a repercussion. Human-being is consuming an enormous amount of electricity compared to generating energy from plants. In other words, the demand and supply do not match because the demand requires too much energy. There are many cases in which plants where were constructed adverse influence effects, natural disasters, environmental contamination, and the ravage of ecological systems. Contrary to these plants, nuclear plants do not occur trouble and harm to the ecosystem and generate considerable energy.

 There are some types of nuclear plants. In these plants, the meltdown that transpired in Fukushima in Japan was from nuclear plans where electricity was created based on nuclear fission. The nuclear we think is is harmful is a plant where produces energy in the form of nuclear fission. Scientists pay attention to a way of creating energy and research to implement for plants. It is a way of obtaining energy based on nuclear fusion. There are a lot of merits if the technology introduces over the world.

 First, a plant-based on nuclear fusion needs water which is the most accessible and available natural resource for human-being on the earth because the water takes 70% area of the earth and is recyclable and inexhaustible for use.

 Second, there is no worry about melting down, radiation contamination, the emission of carbon dioxide because a plant where is based on nuclear fusion produces energy from the water basically and is easy to control the system compared to a plant where is based on nuclear fission. The mechanism to generate tremendous energy is plasma. Plasm is made from water and needs more than 100 million degrees to keep activating. A plant where based on nuclear fusion will stop the movement immediately owing to automatic cooling of plasma if the supply ceases to provide resources such as water, fuel, and electricity. Hence, nuclear fusion is secure and controllable relatively than nuclear fission.

 The implement of nuclear fusion reaction will still take time to realize because there are technological deficiencies. It is still difficult to keep the status of an ultra-high temperature of more than 100 million degrees. Besides, the actual result is that a little energy can be acquired from the nuclear fusion reaction, compared to the immense energy. It is said that the actualization of the technology would be done after 20 to 30 years but is advancing the research and inventment little by little thanks to scientists. It still takes time to introduce. However, this technology will not emit radioactive waste and let human-being progress more.


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