The difference between acquiring a mother language and learning a foreign language


 The native language and foreign language are different. Then, there is also a difference in the learning process. In the document I investigated, subjects whose native language is Korean and who have a low ability to speak English learned English. After ten weeks, their English speaking skills have improved significantly.
This suggests that learning English would be successful through practice and repetition, but it does not prove that speaking English is effective except grammar learning.

 A person who has knowledge of English cannot speak English because he/she does not know how to use his/her English proficiency. If he/she practice speaking English and utilize English proficiency, he/she will be able to speak English. However, because learning English without the knowledge of grammar will not even give him/her the opportunity to utilize the knowledge, he/she will not be able to master it in a short period.

 The most desirable way to learn foreign languages would be to accumulate knowledge such as vocabulary and grammar in English and to practice speaking by utilizing that knowledge. It would be the shortest way to learn a language.


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