How to instigate and control people by propaganda


 Please see “What is Propaganda, and how does it influence our lives?” when you read this article because you can completely comprehend the notion of propaganda and this article.

Summary of this article : There are two types of propaganda, and they work depending on rational or emotional people’s behaviors. To lead someone in a particular direction, logical propaganda is basically used. However, there is difficult not to listen to or to receive an agreement from the majority. As a solution, there are two types of ways to convince someone; weakening rationality or making people out of control. These have been entrenched in the long history as a technique of propaganda.


 Do you know how to manipulate people? Some people are good at controlling people but are manipulating them unconsciously oftentimes. I guess few people can explain the detailed mechanism and the effects. So, I am going to elucidate the way of manipulating people while explaining propaganda. I want you to make sure this article is made based on my wish in order to prevent being controlled by others and realize the technique. So, please do not abuse this technique for people because this can break human-relationship when people notice your attempt to control them.

 Propaganda is an intentional act to lead in a specific direction, such as principle, public opinion, consciousness, behavior. To analyze the meaning of leading people more specifically, two directions can be thought. In other words, there are two patterns of how people take action; behavior based on rationality or emotion. Behavior-based on rationality means brain function relating to logical thinking. Behavior-based on emotion means mind relating to intuition, feeling, and impulse.

 Suppose you are shopping and suffering from buying a product. If you buy the product impulsively, it is categorized as behavior-based on emotion. Meanwhile, If you examine thoroughly and decide to purchase the product for a practical purpose or from the merit and the demerit, it is classified as behavior-based on rationality.

 As there are two types of human behavior, so is propaganda; propaganda based on rationality or  emotion. They do not work independently and have a role for each other. For example, the emotion is a child who moves a lot, and the logic is a mother who restricts the child’s behavior. When you have a desire to eat even though you are on a diet and try to eat something, you might stop eating or not. It depends on how the logic works.

 Propaganda based on rationality is propaganda that tries to change the subject of thought, and the way to propagandize is to explain logically. To change thought, it is fundamental to offer logical information so that the subject can judge reasonably. Besides, it is paramount to let consider the validity, the merit, and the demit by presenting date or statistical materials such as presentation in the company. This rational propaganda is much better because it gives a chance to reflect and depends on the subject whether they follow or not.

 Propaganda based on rationality is propaganda that tries not to think and judge logically. The emotion is likely to be reckless. However, logic inhabits the impulse. Nevertheless, if the emotional power were much bigger than the logic power, the individual would take action based on impulse. This logical power functions well when an individual is healthy mentally and physically. Suppose you got a cough, then you would not be able to meditate logically. Logic works well only in a normal state, in other words, if it is in an abnormal state, logic does not perform adequately. Therefore, emotional propaganda focus on stopping brain function rather than affecting emotion. From this, you can see the two types of emotional propaganda; making emotion rampage and weakening rationality. Emotional propaganda uses the latter basically because it is easy to control than people who become violent. In a nutshell, emotional propaganda makes people not think logically and lead in a specific direction.

 The essence of propaganda is that people can not notice. To achieve the purpose, propaganda that stops logicality performs amply and inculcates the convenient information that leads to the original purpose.

 Now, do you think propaganda is evil and a bad technique? If you think so, it is not correct because propaganda itself is not bad. We can not do anything if we are restricted to use propaganda because it is used in every situation, such as giving advice, listening to class, etc. When you have a revolutionary idea to make software and want to explain its usefulness and function, you will prepare the manuscript and decorate yourself with a cloth. However, if propaganda is never allowed, you never say a single word because it is propaganda itself.

 The conversation is from three factors: listening, mutual understanding, and credibility. Communication will be difficult to achieve a purpose owing to rational vigilance or emotional rejection. So, propaganda needs to relieve the vigilance and refusal to interact with each other. Hence, it is important to grasp the purpose of propaganda than the good and evil propaganda. If the propaganda has merit or value for you, you can follow the intention, and if it is not, you can ignore it.

 It is difficult to convince someone who gets emotional with rational propaganda because being emotional means that rationality does not function properly, and logic is never accepted. Therefore, it is impossible to change people who are being emotional for being logical. Emotion can oppose emotion, and vise versa. Therefore, propaganda is necessary to communicate with people properly.


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