The war and peace


 The war seldom happens but terrorism, or civil war does. The reason why terrorism and civil war occur is relating to religious conflict ordinarily. Then, why does the war not often happen nowadays even though terrorism and civil war break out?

 The war does not occur because the act depletes military resources and takes a considerable amount of human life. Hence, how the war breaks out is determined by scoping the point of compromise generally; however, the war happens. There are three factors that foster the battle.

 The first is the asymmetry of information which means a miscalculation of the winning rate. For example, a Country negotiates with other countries to prevent war. However, suppose that a country miscalculates the winning rate, the country could attempt to start the war. This factor fosters the beginning of the First World War.

 The second is the commitment problem which means relating to credibility. Suppose there are two countries and they promise not to make war. However, there is no guarantee that they never start to invade. This unstable and suspicion leads to the war because there is no arbitrator to intervene. Once a fight happened, the surrounding countries also are involved. Then, the scale becomes bigger and causes another war.

 The third is value indivisibility. There are a lot of things such as religious principles, territories, human rights, etc. This is the fundamental reason why the war transpired in human history. The thirty years war that is a battle between Catholics and Protestants is a good illustration. Two groups conflict which is a right way to believe in a god through the bible or the church and clergy. The controversy led to war and resulted in a lot of sacrifices.

 Human-being has been struggling to seek peace somehow by reflecting on disastrous battles in the  past. This resulted in three implicit ways to seek a state of peace.

 The first is peace of military expansion and making peace treaties among countries. This strategy is based on the belief that a country with a strong military makes peace because if the country had a strong army, other countries would not invade. This idea makes sense, but it will not achieve peace forever because weapons for killing persons exist and could be applied just in case. Accordingly, this form of peace is not suitable radically to attain peace.

 The second is the peace of an interdependent economy that makes a profit by trade between countries. This is a much preferable way to achieve peace compared to peace based on the power of the military. Yet, this might generate inequality and disparity when developing countries and prosperous countries. For instance, countries of Africa make a profit by selling natural resources. However, they do not have factories to make products a lot by themselves. So, they have to import merchandises that are processed by resources they sold from other developed countries. Consequently, developing countries can not make a profit but loss basically. It is a better way to realize peace compared with the force but could promote to expand the discrepancy between well-developed countries and not-developed countries. Thus, this is not the best way to actualize peace.

 The third is peace based on democracy that indicates the pursuit of the human mind for peace. This might be the most suitable way to make a state of peace. According to Principles of International Politics, countries of democracy did not occur war; in other words, the conflict seldom develops if both countries are democratic. This is considered that a democratic nation must vote that spends much time deciding to implement action as a reason. Owing to this democratic system, war is not likely to happen. However, when the government is in the transition of the principle, the civil war is inclined to happen potentially.

 There are three ways to seek peace; peace based on military power, interdependent economy, and  democracy. Peace will be achieved based on democracy which demonstrates people’s desire. Still, the reality of peace is due to military power and money. Of course, these aspects might also be important to keep a balance of peace as a means. However, the fundamental method to achieve peace is from human minds, not substance. It will take time to keep balance and achieve harmony, but I firmly believe that we can realize peace someday.


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