The most powerful propaganda to manipulate people


 Please see What is Propaganda, and how does it influence our lives?” , “How to instigate and control people by propaganda” and “Cognitive dissonance is a rudimental way to instigate and control the public” when you read this article because you can completely comprehend the notion of propaganda and this article.

 I suppose we wish we have the power to control someone. There is no such magic skill but propaganda. We can manipulate someone IN FACT if you comprehend propaganda and method completely. There are a lot of techniques to control people, but we all have had a question: what method is the strongest, most effective. If you read and understand this article, you can utilize this manipulative technique in daily life because it is easy to apply and effective. What is more, there is no worry about being noticed by someone.


Four criteria that decide the intensity of propaganda

 What is the most powerful propaganda? Let’s categorize what kind of propaganda is superior and inferior. There are four criteria that decide the intensity of propaganda; effectiveness, range, easiness, and simplicity.

 The first is effectiveness which is the degree of influence on people. If the effectiveness of propaganda is powerful, it enables to control people and permeate a specific thought. An extreme example of this is brainwashing. Besides, this propaganda allows an opponent to have an obstinate belief and foster to take action even though the person never behaves if the person remains in a normal state. Occasionally, this propaganda triggers to encourage someone to commit suicide and break out of war possibly.

 The second is a range that indicates the power of contagious on people. If the range of propaganda is powerful, it can have an impact on people widespread. A typical example of this propaganda is mass media. This range of propaganda permeates spontaneously over time even though the scale is small and can influence a few people. Gossip spreads through hearsay arbitrarily without doing anything.

 The third is easiness which means everyone can use it. A technique that needs to prepare for the situation, spends too much time, and is difficult to use has the potential of taking cost and causing risk. It is best to be easy and low risk to utilize if we think about superior propaganda. Propaganda that takes a lot of time and money or can be used by a limited person is ineligible.

 The last is simplicity (or you can say sophistication or naivety) which is difficult to notice a mechanism. Propaganda which is easy to notice is below third-rate because when being realized propaganda, the opponent becomes wary and cautious, and the effect disappears easily even the propaganda has a superior aspect of effectiveness and a range. Therefore, this factor of simplicity is a vital part of propaganda because slow-acting poison that erodes gradually is more powerful than a powerful punch. Straightforward propaganda can be useful and nasty because it can make big bucks and worshippers. However, it is better not to be realized, and thus propaganda that is not noticed is the most powerful.

 Education is powerful propaganda that combines effectiveness, range, and simplicity expect easiness because education has a significant impact on children who learns how to think by receiving a series of curriculum that is incorporated. On top of that, almost all people do not notice the intention and have a premise everyone has to receive an education. However, this can not be judged as good or evil because propaganda itself is not good and evil and should be focused on the content and the purpose. We have to consider the whole process of propaganda to see the point.

 Education is powerful and influential for people, but it is not the most powerful propaganda because the government provides education, so when you try to enter the internal, you must be authorized by obtaining specific qualifications from the government. Even you could enter the inside, you must do something by meeting the borderline the government prepared. In this way, it is complicated to use education as propaganda. Therefore, if you attempt to instill propaganda into education, you might spend your whole lifetime.


The most powerful propaganda

 Then, what is the most powerful propaganda? It is the word “IN FACT.” You might have a question why did I change the letter of IN FACT from small to uppercase because IN FACT is the most powerful propaganda. Let’s see why IN FACT is the most powerful propaganda with four criteria that decide the intensity of propaganda; effectiveness, range, easiness, and simplicity.

 From a perspective of effectiveness, IN FACT enables the opponent to have mistaken confidence naturally that a speaker trusts a listener because the word gives an impression that the value of the information is high because a listener misunderstands the word does not circulate and universally unknown.

 From a perspective of range, human-being cannot stop talking about a secret that everyone does not likely know. From such a human nature, IN FACT forms gossip that pervades information worldwide.

 From a perspective of easiness, it is easy to use this propaganda because you just put IN FACT somewhere in a speech. Besides, it does not matter if the part of the content is suspicious because IN FACT provides a premise that is different from common sense in public. The vector of responsibility turns in a different direction because IN FACT is a sort of hearsay that you are not the person who conveys the formation first, and it is not difficult to shift blame for a specific person or thing.

 From a perspective of simplicity, IN FACT might be a strong word, but we do not focus on a signal word in every conversation. We say a lot of words in the talk, so information of IN FACT fades gradually but displays the effect such as slow-acting poison.

 For example, suppose there is a parent, and the mother is really friendly and has a good relationship with her friends and husband. One of the mother’s friends has a desire to cheat the husband. Then, the mother’s friend says, “OOOO insulted and spoke ill about you in fact.” some time passed, and the friend says, “your husband is cheating with this bitch, in fact. I know because I saw it” The mother cannot avoiding to doubt another person and husband because she experiences cognitive dissonance, which means she is unstable mentally and cannot think logically and is in a state of someone who can trust. Then, the friend says a last word, “you can only trust me. I help you.” The mother might feel the friend is a savior who can help her and trust the friend completely.

 This sort of propaganda is unmeasurable and pushes a throw into confusion that cannot judge properly even the person never thinks it is right in a normal state owing to cognitive dissonance. This propaganda has been influencing society and fostering rampage. Content with a word of “IN FACT” is difficult to notice the validity of information and spreads easily through word-of-mouth when the information is shocking and sensational. A horrible effect of IN FACT propaganda makes people ignore the important part of whether the information can be trustworthy or not.


In the end

 Propaganda is never used just as a single word. The power and influence of propaganda display a significant impact on people and society by mixing a lot of elements, conditions, and the environment. The sophisticated propaganda is inevitable. I will update the method and the premise for the next article.

 Lastly, I want you to understand why I updated this article. The reason is that I want you to notice we receive propaganda and every day and want to offer an opportunity to consider from the various viewpoint by providing information on propaganda and want you to use propaganda moderately. I want you to use propaganda but do not abuse propaganda because the action might break your relationship or your life when the degree of propaganda goes too far.


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