The truth of the global warning


 Almost all people know global warming and associate it with something not good for human-being and the earth. Some people take action to prevent the progress. However, what is the cause of global warming originally?

 The external reason is due to increasing carbon dioxide since the Industrial Revolution in the U.K., whereas the internal reason is due to human beings ‘ self-interested greed. These lead to natural disasters such as typhoons, drought, floods, and sediment disasters. What is more, bacteria in the ice start to spread owing to melting icebergs, causing unknown and infectious diseases.

 Countries attempt to cope with the phenomenon by doing eco-activity, for instance, restricting the emission of carbon dioxide, collecting and separating burnable and unburnable. However, this kind of individual activity and nation’s protocols for global warming might be unsuitable because scientists do not comprehend why the earth keeps warming.

 Scientists theorize that human-being influence global warming primarily. However, they do not know the actual causation(the relationship between cause and effect) but correlation(a mutual relationship or connection between two or more things). Some scientists state global warming started because of the substantial emission of carbon dioxide. However, on the other hand, some scientists claim that global warming began due to the natural earth cycle. The earth has a cycle that rotates warm season and the ice age by turns. Scientists discovered the fact that the earth became the glacial epoch four times in the past. Therefore, global warming could be just the earth cycle. Furthermore, some experts posit that the earth is warming because the sun’s activity is dwindling. Surprisingly, some specialist asserts there is no global phenomenon from the beginning, and the term of global warming appeared because of the wealthy people who want to profit their property and assets.

 Human-being has to investigate and elucidate the causality why the earth is warming up first because the measures would change by the reason. If global warming stems from human activity, we must lessen the using fossil fuel. However, if the casualty originates from the earth cycle of outer space, what we can do would be limited because we can not interrupt the phenomenon with human technology. Therefore, it is more suitable for humankind to clarify the causation and take measures after finding out the actual reason.


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